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Cabal World

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  • Its time to increase the maximum capacity of power you all can achieve. Maximum level increased from 200 to 210. Prepare for a new challenge Siena Bracelet and Prideus Improved the bracelet basic stats and also added new variations of unique craft. Formula card that will create this items is not requiring anymore the craft transmuter and can also be dropped. The Sealed Bracelets are not bound by property anymore. Piece...

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  • Hey Folks we will Have an Event this coming Weekend so stay tuned What SHOP EVENT 3 Rounds When Sunday 21.06.2020 1900PM Server Time Where CH3 Green Despair City REWARDS many Items for max 1.000.000 ALZ see ya. ...

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  • Special Inventory Considering the fact that the system is build in the way that all items received will go away after 1 hour of being disconnected from the server we have created new Special Boxes that once they are open it will give a PERMANENT (where is the case) item BUT character bound. The system may be improved further more in the following updates. You will be able to receive the following number of boxes for being online for 12 hours View...

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  • Equipment Set Effects Because some of the force codes were not working on the set effects we have decided to refurbish a bit the set effects of the body parts and epaulets also. You will noticed that we dont have offensive forces anymore (excepting epaulets) in set effects and this is because the system was not build to support them properly Set effects will be a main source of defensive force for all classes We might update...

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  • Until the new website will be released the nation change time out on the website is set to 28 days instead of 160 days. Enjoy ...

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  • I would like to inform you all that we are doing our best to finish the new website by the end of the month, we want to bring it up fully functional with all the new features that we planed and maybe even more. Thank you all for making this possible, as promised we are always going to reinvest from donation to make this server a better place for you all. With respect, the Cabal World Team ...

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  • Hello everyone, as most of you know we updated the game craft system a few months ago to a simple and more efficient one. All the details are available here for those of you who dont know. Epic Overhaul and other Huge Changes What is Epic Overhaul This update refers to simplifying the game items (Body parts, weapons and bikes) craft options. You all know that until now we had on this items 3 craft categories, the Normal craft which had 1 craft...

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  • Little Draka believes that one day, he can become a strong Dragon. Draka needs five Dragons Eggs to become strong. Find and collect these Eggs in dungeons and Draka will give you a special giftbox as gratitude. Event functionality Event functionality There are a total of 5 Dragon Eggs These Eggs can be opened for loot or exchanged at YUL NPC for Drakas Giftbox, Draca Pet or Draconis Wings. Each Eff type can be farmed in a...

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  • Its time for solidarity and mind control, lets all realize the danger all submitted to and unite defeat it. Stay in homes as much as necessary dear players and go outside only when needed. For every 60 minutes of your online time you will be rewarded with 19 eCoins. The reward will be sent to your account when you login any of your characters and you have a minimum of 60 minutes of play time accumulated, you will also receive an email to confirm...

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Server Information

  • Play to Win Server (no items just for donators)
  • Episode 22 update (Demonite Items)
  • Redeem System (Free eCoins and Loot Boxes)
  • Start Class / Skill Rank: 20 / Transcender
  • Start Level: 100 with Extreme Crafted Items
  • Fully Remade Crafting System
  • BM2 Stage Attack Control
  • PvP and PK Ranking, GM Kill Titles
  • Boss Raid System
  • New Honor Ranks and Titles
  • Mission War: Merit Mastery system
  • mShield Antihack System

Floating Rates

Experience: +30%
Skill Exp.: +20% War Exp.: +40%
Craft Exp.: +20% Pet Exp.: +30%
Alz Drop: +30% Alz Bomb Drop: +20%

Every hour, based on the online players, an extra bonus is applied to the server rates.
Above 5 players online, every +5 players will boost the above server rates.
The rates are updated at minute 59 of each hour.