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  • Until the new website will be released the nation change time out on the website is set to 28 days instead of 160 days. Enjoy ...

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  • I would like to inform you all that we are doing our best to finish the new website by the end of the month, we want to bring it up fully functional with all the new features that we planed and maybe even more. Thank you all for making this possible, as promised we are always going to reinvest from donation to make this server a better place for you all. With respect, the Cabal World Team ...

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  • Hey Folks we will Have an Event this coming Weekend so stay tuned What Hide amp Seek 3 Rounds When Sunday 31.05.2020 1900PM Server Time Where CH3 Round1 Bloddy Ice Round2 Dessert Scream Round 3 Green Despair REWARDS Draca Box and Possible LE see ya. ...

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  • Hello everyone, as most of you know we updated the game craft system a few months ago to a simple and more efficient one. All the details are available here for those of you who dont know. Epic Overhaul and other Huge Changes What is Epic Overhaul This update refers to simplifying the game items (Body parts, weapons and bikes) craft options. You all know that until now we had on this items 3 craft categories, the Normal craft which had 1 craft...

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  • Essence Runes Updated runes description with their grade and the place where they can be dropped or bought HP Absorb Up rune, increased the maximum level from 5 to 10. Defense rune, improved the stats given at each level. Essence Runes Cube from Contribution Office Kyle edited and now it can also drop the Critical Rate UP rune. Added 11 new Essence Runes that will be available...

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  • Easter Event 2019 Every year as Easter comes the Easter Rabbit releases its minions to invade and the people of Nevareth must stop them but with every fight comes a prize Farm the Roses from these Rabbits and exchange them for Easter Eggs at NPC YUL in Bloody Ice Once you open the Easter Egg you will find 1 of the following items Hatched Eggshell x3, x2 or x1 Essence Rune (STR) x1 Essence...

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  • Event mechanics Duration Until 17 of April 2020 at 2200 Server Time eCoins Donations bonus All donations will receive a bonus of 50 eCoins Top supporters bonus Check the second post to see the current ranking status,the list will be updated daily at 1900 Server time. At the end of the event the TOP 5 DONATORS will receive a special prize...

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  • This update bring to us a lot of important changes and improvements, i will do my best to clarify everything for you all in the most explicit way. So here we go Boss Raid System We wanted to bring a fresh taste to this system so a new concept of the Raids was implemented. Each boss will a number of tokens that is specific for him only. Empowered FPTA-01 Custodi Flight Drop 12 x Boss Token...

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  • What is Epic Overhaul This update refers to simplifying the game items (Body parts, weapons and bikes) craft options. You all know that until now we had on this items 3 craft categories, the Normal craft which had 1 craft option, the Extreme craft which had 2 craft options and Unique craft which had 3 craft options. This was an interesting system but at the same time it was complicated, Extreme Crafted items where hard to slots because you had to...

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Server Information

  • Play to Win Server (no items just for donators)
  • Episode 22 update (Demonite Items)
  • Redeem System (Free eCoins and Loot Boxes)
  • Start Class / Skill Rank: 20 / Transcender
  • Start Level: 100 with Extreme Crafted Items
  • Fully Remade Crafting System
  • BM2 Stage Attack Control
  • PvP and PK Ranking, GM Kill Titles
  • Boss Raid System
  • New Honor Ranks and Titles
  • Mission War: Merit Mastery system
  • mShield Antihack System

Floating Rates

Experience: +39%
Skill Exp.: +26% War Exp.: +52%
Craft Exp.: +26% Pet Exp.: +39%
Alz Drop: +39% Alz Bomb Drop: +26%

Every hour, based on the online players, an extra bonus is applied to the server rates.
Above 5 players online, every +5 players will boost the above server rates.
The rates are updated at minute 59 of each hour.