Competitive Mission War

Details about the custom Mission War for this server.

Last updated: 18/Mar/2022 17:38:59


Mission War is a capture-the-flag type game that pits up to 100 players against each other in a single arena. Generally the nation that uses the best teamwork wins. Players are usually effective only in groups of 3 or more.

Crash Course

Quick instructions if you are a newbie to Mission War:
  • You need to kill Legacy Guardians. Press M to show the map and go to the closest Green or Red base.
  • If you dont kill the Guardians you will not be able to proceed along the map as the gates will not go down. Some gates can appear to block certain paths after a certain guardian is killed.
  • If you die, click "Resurrect at Point", and then click on a big Blue Arrow on the map.
  • You want to get 4.000 points before the time runs out:
    • Attacking Legacy Guardians is the best way to get points.
    • Attacking enemy players also gets you points.
    • You get points for taking damage.
  • Try to stay with a group; the bigger the group the better.
  • Regular pots heal a little. Press N and buy Vital Gear(HP), which is much more useful.
  • Chat on Loud (/L), in party (/p), or the underused chat channel (/c, this is only party leaders). Try to do what experienced players tell you.
  • At the end of the game, if you have minimum 4.000 points, you win WEXP, AXP, Alz, and one of the 10 War Cubes.

Entry requirements

Your character must be at least level 170 and be aligned with either the Procyon or Capella nation.
You can change your character nation in Character Panel here. or by accepting the Nation Quest from Morison (Officer) in Port Lux.
Your character must must pay an entry fee of 15.000.000 Alz

Waiting Lobby (AUTRA)

All players enter the waiting lobby before entering the arena, Tierra Gloriosa.
Players wait in the lobby with the countdown timer initially at 5 minutes.
There are 3 NPCs located within the Lobby which provide the following services:
Procyon Lobby Capella Lobby Title Purpose
Ellin Kate Grocer Purchase Vital Packs, SP Packs, etc.
Captain Duke Madam Delia Warehouse Keeper Access personal warehouse inventory.
Kyle Olivia Contribution Officer Exchange WExp for Rune, Lycanus and Drei Frame Cubes

Waiting List & Handicap

  • If there are less than 10 members on each Nation the game will be even.
  • If there are more than 10 members there may be a handicap to one nation which is determined based upon the outcome of previous wars during the day.
  • If there are more Procyons than Capellas even considering any handicap, the extra Procyons will be put on the waiting list.
  • The waiting list is first come, first serve.
  • If you are on the waiting list it will give you your number in line. "Waiting list 3" means you are third in line to enter.
  • People on the waiting list are allowed to enter when either an ally already in the game logs out, or another enemy enters the game.
  • The above applies for the duration of the game.


The team that scores the most nation points in 45 minutes wins.
Team points are scored primarily by building towers, capturing bases, by defeating the bases' Legacy Guardians.
The game can end before 45 minutes is up if one nation captures all the bases. This is a called game.

Capturing Bases

There are 13 bases in Tierra Gloriosa:
  • A home base for each nation, 2 total
  • 2 small bases on each side, near the home base, 4 total
  • 3 medium bases on each side, past the small bases, 6 total
  • 1 large base located in center of map
Defeat a base's Legacy Guardian to allow base capture
Capture the base by clicking on the Legacy Barrier.
When you capture a base the following will happen:
  • A Legacy Weapon and a treasure chest will drop
  • The player that captures the base gets dibs on the weapon.
  • Anyone can attack the chest and get dibs on M.War potions.
After your nation owns the base, Force Towers can be built.

Nation Reward

Once a week, the result of the last Mission War will determine which nation receives the Nation Bonus. This war is known as Bonus War
All members of the nation that win Bonus War receive the following bonus for the next seven days:
  • All Map Drop Rate 10%
  • All Map Skill Exp 10%
  • All Map Exp 10%
  • Nation Reward Warp (close to most dungeon entrances)

Personal Reward

Members of the winning nation will receive an Alz reward in proportion to their battle expense and a War Cube.
High ranking players will receive an Alz reward regardless of their nation.
Players who scored 180 points or higher additionally receives a certain % of alz used for buying vital gears(HP, SP).

Weekly Competitive rewards from Mission War

Every Sunday at midnight the top 30 players from both nations will receive and reward for the acummulated score during the War held in the current week.
Mission War current ranking list and previous week ranking list can be visualised here.

Bonus WEXP table and War Cubes rewards for Player Score