Collection System

Details about how the Collection System works

Last updated: 08/Jul/2023 20:51:18

Collection System

The collection system within the game enables players to gather specific items and receive tokens as rewards. These collectable items are available seasonally, and the tokens granted also vary accordingly. With each new season, a fresh set of items becomes collectable, accompanied by changes to the reward tokens. Players can access the current collectable items and their corresponding reward tokens by clicking the floating Collection System button on the website.

Functionality of the System

Integrating seamlessly into the user interface (UI) is a dedicated button, exclusive to the collection system.

Collection System Button

Upon clicking this button, a new window promptly emerges, providing players with an interface for managing their collected items.

Collection Window

If players possess an item from the collectables, they have the option to equip it within this window and subsequently consume it.

Equip Item

Upon insertion, pertinent details regarding the item, such as the number of tokens to be acquired and its success rate, are prominently displayed. The consumption process entails a possibility of either success or failure. In the event of a successful consumption, a confirming message promptly appears atop the interface.

Success Message

Following a successful consumption, the rewarded tokens are seamlessly delivered to the player's Cash Inventory.

Cash Inventory


Tokens serve a variety of purposes within the game, with their specific applications explicitly mentioned within their descriptions. Primarily, tokens serve as valuable materials for various exchanges and transactions.

For a comprehensive overview of available token exchanges, players can consult Secret Dealer Hirogley, conveniently located in Bloody Ice.

Secret Dealer Hirogley